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                                                      Hampton's Legion 

Seven Days Battles around Richmond
Hampton's Legion and Hood's Brigade,  Scott Carson 

                                                        18th Georgia 

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                                     Texas Brigade History

Rare photo of Texas Brigade guarding a 10 mile stretch of the Potomac's Virginia shore in winter 1861

Bibliography Bibliography courtesy of Kevin Jones
Texas Brigade Headquarters  Roster
Music and Poems in the 
Texas Brigade
Old Gray Mare History, words, and music
Dixie, 7 versions of song and Texas Brigade words
Bayou City Guard's Dixie
Bonnie Blue Flag   History, words, and music
Here's Your Mule
McClellan's Retreat
Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel
Yellow Rose of Texas


Texas CW Battle Flags 
Texas Brigade Resolutions Drafted January 24, 1865 to show determination to fight
Texas Brigade Commanders Command Structure History
Brig. Gen.Louis Wigfall -Commanded Nov. '61 - Feb '62
Letter to Wigfall's wife from Hood
Col. James Archer  - Commanded Feb.'62 - Mar. '62
John Bell Hood   "A Texas Confederate Hero"
Brig. Gen. John  Hood -Commanded Mar.'62 - Aug.'62
Col. William Wofford -Commanded Aug.'62 - Nov. '62
Brig. Gen. Robertston  -  Commanded Nov.'62 - Feb.'64
Robertson Controversy      Farewell      Plea to Governor
Brig. Gen. John Gregg  - Commanded Feb.'64 - Oct. '64
Lt. Col. Clinton Winkler -Commanded Oct.'64 - Feb.'65
Col. Robert Powell - Commanded Mar.'65 - Apr.'65
Stories of Texas Brigade Foraging in Pennsylvania
Hat Caper
Raccoon Races
Whiskey Rations
Great Snow Ball Fight
More Stories of Texas Brigade Commando Raid
Disappearance of the Texas Brigade
Lost Biscuits of Gettysburg
No more Balls and Chains
Operation "Westward Ho"
Texas University Alma Mater
Three Cheers for Caesar
Roasting Ears Fight
Battle Reports Sharpsburg (Wofford)
Gettysburg (Robertson)
Chickamauga (Robertson)
Advance & Retreat
John Bell Hood's memoirs of the Civil War
Chapter 2A  Gaines Mill, First Cold Harbor, Malvern Hill, Second Manassas
Chapter 2B Boonsboro, Gap, and Sharpsburg
Chapter 3 Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Gettysburg, and Chickamauga
Civil War Miscellaneous Quotes
Typical Confederate Soldier
Civil War Pay
Principles of War
10 Major Battles & Casualties
End of the War
Medicine in the Civil War Medical Care, Wounds & Diseases
Sanitary Commission
Confederate Medical Staff
Christianity in the Confederacy Revivals in the Confederacy
Documents Texas Secession Statement
Robert E. Lee's Farewell address
Jefferson Davis message to CS congress, 1861
Sullivan Ballou's letter



Thanks to Kevin Jones for many Texas Brigade contributions
Hurrah for Sons of Confederate Veterans, Texas Division for the Texas  Civil War Flags.
Thanks to Shotgun and his great web site for some of this material.
Essay on  Hood written by David Pierce, Courtesy of Nicola Marschall Children of Confederacy