Pleasant Hill

April 7-8-9, 2006

Here is the plan for out Confederate impression at Pleasant Hill for April 7-8-9 of next month. I have secured a gathering site and camp sites for our march to the battlefield.

Thursday > Beginning, during the day and through the night and
by early Friday morning, everyone will assemble at the Methodist campground. This site is on the main highway. Go 1/2 mile south from the PH battlefield towards the town proper. We will be on the left where we have camped many times before.

Friday > We will transport all our rolling stock, horses, mules
and men to the starting spot via hardtop road. This is in near the Bethany community. We will bring all our vehicles back to the Methodist campground where they will stay until after the battle.
The few drivers will be taken back to the starting place.
After noon we will begin our movement. The first 3/4 miles is the end of a blacktop road and then we hit dirt. All the rest of the route is dirt roads or passing through woods. Friday's march will be a total of seven (7) miles.
Friday night camp will be at the Callen's place where we have camped several times before. Both places have water for the animals. We will have the wagons for drinking water and other supplies.

Saturday > We will leave the Callen's place in time to come into
the battlefield area by 1:00 PM. We should should have some resistance on the march route from Federal Cavalry. Saturday's march is 3 1/2 miles.

Major Crisp and I plan to be at the Methodist campground sometime Thursday afternoon.

Yours, JHK