Second Division

Army of Tennessee


General Orders, No. 1.                                    Galveston, Texas                                        February 10, 2006


      I.   In response to the organizational meeting of the Army of Tennessee held January 28, 2006, in Nashville, Tennessee, the undersigned hereby assumes command of the Second Division, and establishes headquarters at Galveston, Texas.  The various commands within this Military Department, being composed of mixed troops of combined arms of all branches, will remain under the authority of this division until such time the Army is ordered to be joined for impending action, where-upon the cavalry and artillery units will report to their respective branches.


     II.   The following named officers are announced on the staff of the brigadier-general commanding, and will be obeyed and respected accordingly, viz: Lt.Col. D.C. Bone, aide-de-camp; Maj. R.J. Crisp, chief-of-staff; Maj. E.W. Mount, assistant adjutant-general; Maj. J.W. Ferguson, chief engineer; Capt. F.B. Reedy, assistant inspector-general; Capt. J.S. Butcher, ordnance; Capt. J.D. Giuffre, judge advocate; Capt. M.D. Davison, surgeon; Capt. D.W. Bowers, provost marshal; Capt. C.H. Untersee, chief-of-couriers.


    III.   All commanders of brigades and detachments within this division will hereafter forward their reports to these headquarters.


By order of                                                        J. H. King