Second Division

Army of Tennessee





General Orders,  No. 2                       Galveston, Texs                        March 15, 2006


      I.  Brigadier-General King, having assumed command of the Second Division, Army of Tennessee, has directed the following enumeration of troops, comprising said division, to be published, viz:


1st  Brigade

Brig-Gen. N.A. Medich


1st Bttn.,  Lt.Col. R.L. Johnson

2nd Bttn.,  Lt.Col. W.C. Blackstone


2nd  Brigade

Brig-Gen. J.H. Stepp


1st Bttn.,  Col. L.W. Smith

2nd Bttn.,  Lt.Col. C.S. Roberts


3rd  Brigade

Brig-Gen. T.L. Jessee


Florida Inf. Bttn., Col. D.D. Bowman

Georgia Vol. Bttn., Col. M.H. Poythress


Cavalry & Artillery

Terry’s Texas Rangers Cav., Maj. E.W. Welch

Reilly’s Battery, Capt. David Stanley

2 Horse Drawn Guns


     II.   All commanders will at once equip their troops for the field campaign and hold their commands in readiness to march upon a moment’s notice of such orders.


     By order of Brig-Gen. J.H. King:                              

                                                                              Earl W. Mount,

                                                                    Major & Assistant Adjutant-General.